Making use of our extensive experience in the property industry, New Vantage Properties provides a platform of knowledge and strategic advice for any investor or seller. Our team is able to provide an accurate investment analysis and market your property with a consistent level of skill. With the utilization of established contacts and localized knowledge of trends and opportunities New Vantage Properties is able to find the perfect solution for any investment property acquisition or disposal.


At New Vantage Properties we pride ourselves on meeting the individual needs of our clients. The successful facilitation of sales and lease agreements is our primary business function. Our team of experienced brokers provides guidance and professional acumen to tailor solutions to your specific requirements. We are able to efficiently source property for all business types by making use of a comprehensive portfolio of properties and networks in all major areas of South Africa. Investor, tenant and owner alike can rely on the focused negotiation skills and market knowledge that New Vantage Properties applies to every transaction.


At New Vantage Properties we understand the importance of client relationships in order to make informed assessments. With the expertise of New Vantage Properties behind them, our clients can be confident in any circumstance. New Vantage Properties seeks to understand our clients’ needs in accordance with current market conditions to ensure that tenants’ requirements can be catered for in circumstances both planned and unforeseen. With the professionalism and strategic prowess that New Vantage Properties provides tenants can feel assured and supported throughout any need to expand, downsize, relocate, renegotiate or seek readily available and refined industry advice.

These Services Include:

  • Lease renewals and renegotiations
  • Acquisition and disposals
  • Strategic planning
  • Site selection
  • Market analysis
  • Comprehensive lease and sale negotiations


With the combined experience of the New Vantage team we are able to maximize the potential for owners in the evolving property market. New Vantage Properties applies skillful analysis to develop leasing strategies, tenant sourcing and recommendations of prospective opportunities. With a basis of experience, industry awareness and detail orientated service New Vantage Properties is able to collaboratively achieve business and investment objectives by providing sound advice and assistance.

These Services Include:

  • Property assessment
  • Property prospecting and canvassing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Investment analysis
  • Comprehensive lease negotiation
  • Tenant retention strategies


An extensive property and client database, as well as industry understanding, makes New Vantage Properties the first port of call for commercial and industrial developments. Our team provides the perfect platform for sourcing sites that are cost effective and appropriate to the needs of the venture at hand. Our experienced team handles development negotiations, strategizing and comparative prospective assessment fluidly.

These Services Include:

  • Establishing client needs and space planning
  • Site sourcing
  • Request for proposals (RFP)
  • Proposal comparisons
  • Negotiations
  • Project timing